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The experience of a lifetime can truly be yours!

Alaska’s best yacht charter is here to service you as a Sitka Alaska fishing guide charter. This area is incredibly beautiful, and if you get the right charter, the incredible scenery and the memorable experience are guaranteed.

Alaska Yacht Adventures is the best yacht charter because we provide the personal touch that turns your outing into a truly a great experience. We take the time to make sure that your experience charter fishing in Alaska is one that makes you return year after year.

Captain Dennis and Mary Kay Thomas are local owners of this Sitka AK fishing charter. They have operated Alaska Yacht Adventures from southeast Alaska for almost 20 years, making sure that each client received the adventure they were looking for.

Here at Alaska Yacht Adventures, “adventure” is the foundation of our company, especially for clients that want to fish King Salmon and Silver Salmon, Ling Cod, and for those that want to do some Sitka, Alaska Halibut fishing. Making these outings successful requires the expertise Alaska Yacht Adventures has to make it happen. You can fish in the clam protected waters in the Juneau area of Alaska’s Inside Passage safely and easily with us.

For those looking for fly fishing adventures, Alaska Yacht Adventures encourages fly fishing in pristine, crystal clear streams that allow you to catch Steelhead, Salmon, Cutthroat, and even Dolly Vaden. Our all-inclusive charter can help you with that. You will no longer be worried about having enough time to fish, whether or not you’re in the right location, or missing out on scenery because we bring our experience and long-time love of Alaskan waters are at your service. Our experts get you to the fishing points quickly, find the perfect location to sit and watch Alaska skies and make sure your fishing rod is always in the best spots for catching Halibut and Steelhead. And there’s no rush, you’ll have enough time to relax and enjoy all that Alaska has to offer in terms of beauty, experience and most importantly, great catches!
With Alaska Yacht Adventures, you and your family can work with us for as long as a week making it the best kind of vacation. Excuse us for being excited, but we can’t think of a more enjoyable job.

Charter fishing in Alaska is truly a fun way of doing business. We provide sport fishing, fly-fishing, private yacht cruises and charters, travel adventures, even lodges for wildlife photography of bears and whales.
Few can offer as much as Alaska Yacht Adventures. If you want to change your entire view of Alaska, why not come explore the Sitka, Alaska seas with us? You will get the true fishing adventure experience, the incredible shots perfect for photographs, and can do it with friends and family.

Contact us today at 907 789-1978 to start your lifetime adventure in the waters of Alaska.

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